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Sarkosy’s Greek roots

“Me the grandson of a Greek,” a book about the roots of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, went on sale this week. Sarkozy’s great-grandfather, Mordechai Mallah and his wife Reina, both living in Salonika, had seven children.
One of the children, Benico Mallah was 14 when he left Greece with his mother for France where he studied medicine and served in the French army as a doctor during WWI. The book reveals various details of Sarkozy’s Greek roots such as that two members of his family, Asser Mallah and Pepo Mallah, were members of the Greek parliament during the early 20th century. Most of the members of the Mallah family perished in the Holocaust.
In July 2006, while on a visit to Greece, Sarkozy was honoured at the French embassy in Athens by the Thessaloniki Jewish Community.
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