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Deputy Foreign Minister Kassimis meets visiting young expatriates

(ΑΝΑ) Deputy Foreign Minister Theodoros Kassimis on Friday met with 125 young Greek expatriates, aged 18 to 25, who are the guests of the Foreign Ministry General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad. They hail from Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, South Africa and Australia and their visit is in an effort to reinforce ties with the Greek Diaspora. They have been in Greece since January 6 within the framework of this year’s general secretariat Greek Language and Culture Programme scheduled to last until the end of the month and have the opportunity to attend Greek language courses, learn more about the Greek culture, visit archaeological sites and museums and meet with government agency officials and youth associations, forging links of communication and strong friendship. The programme is directed to young expatriates who live abroad permanently and at least one of their parents is of Greek descent. Kassimis stated that he was impressed with how quickly they learn Greek folk songs and dances, pointing out that their knowledge of the Greek language is very good and commended the work done in this area by the Greek schools abroad. The deputy foreign minister was very surprised and happy to discover distant relatives among the young expatriates, two siblings from Chile that have the same last name as him and whose ancestors originally came from Mani, where Kassimis’ family traces its roots.