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First Chinese book on contemporary Greece

(ΑΝΑ) The first book on contemporary Greece ever published in China was presented in Beijing on Friday. The 428-page book was written by assistant professor and researcher at the Institute of European Studies Song Xiaomin, who has had a long and fruitful collaboration with the Press and Communication Office of the Greek Embassy. The book, published by China’s most prestigious and influential think tank, the Institute of European Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Chinese Journal of European Studies is written in Chinese and depicts various aspects of contemporary Greece such as its history, its political system, economy, culture and tourism. The book is prefaced by Minister of State and Government Spokesman Theodoros Roussopoulos, and contains a message by Greek Ambassador to Beijing Michalis Kambanis. In his preface Roussopoulos stresses that the book comes at a very exciting time, just before the Beijing Olympics and after the Athens 2004 Games, thus strengthening the bonds between the two countries, inviting the two peoples to learn more about each other. “My country offers brand new reasons why it should be rediscovered, loved, and respected” Roussopoulos writes.