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Digital Greece

The Greek Information Society has made a significant progress over the last few years thanks to the implementation of the Digital Strategy 2006-2013 and the increase of competition in the broadband market. The Digital Strategy 2006-2013 is compatible with the “Growth and Jobs” Lisbon Strategy and the i2010 policy. It utilizes more effectively existing financing instruments, such as the Operational Programme for “Information Society” in the context of the 3rd Community Support Framework, and the Operational Programme “Digital Convergence” which lies within the framework of the National Strategic Reference Framework 2007-2013.

Within the framework of the Greek Digital Strategy, the government has signed a partnership Agreement with Microsoft which led to the establishment of a Microsoft Innovation Centre in Greece. This Innovation Centre was inaugurated (January 28) in Athens and aims at linking the academic world and the local software industry, promoting innovation and supporting entrepreneurship within the industry of Information and Communication Technologies.

Ministry of Economy and Finance: Fact Sheet on “Digital Greece”; Microsoft Innovation Centre Inaugurated in Athens; A strategic agreement with Microsoft; Kathimerini daily: IT deal with Microsoft