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Possible depth-bomb detected near anchor of cargo ship that ran aground off Thessaloniki

A round metal object, believed to be a depth bomb left over from World War II, was spotted by divers on the seabed near a Panama-flag cargo ship that ran aground off the coast of Akra, in Epanomi, Thessaloniki, and Navy bomb disposal experts were due to begin investigation on Friday morning.The Panama-flag “Gerda Vesta” freighter ran aground in shallow waters early Monday as a result of gale-force northerly winds sweeping through northern Greece. No injuries were reported among the crew members of the vessel, which had set sail from the Port of Thessaloniki, empty of cargo. No damage to the vessel was reported.According to a Merchant Marine ministry announcement, during a scan of the area by a company providing assistance to dislodge the vessel, divers spotted the chain of the cargo ship’s left anchor — which was imbedded at a depth of 3.5 metres and ata distance of 150 metres from the shore — was resting on a large round metal object that is tentatively believed to be a depth-bomb.The ministry said that the Thessaloniki port authority immediately informed the ship’s captain to refrain from any movement of the anchor and the ship in general until the said object was examined.The sea area was being patrolled by a Coastguard vessel, and by a Coastguard patrol car on land, while the Northern Greece Naval Command was also informed of the situation in order to take the necessary action.