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Athens Mayor announces Greenery Charter

(CITY OF ATHENS) Athens Mayor Nikitas Kaklamanis today presented the City of Athens Greenery Charter, which comprises three new environmental initiatives. The aim of the charter – the first such document in Greece – is to expand, improve and protect green spaces within the City of Athens.

“We are introducing regulations for the planting and protection of greenery,” said Mayor Kaklamanis, who noted that “as much as illegal building is dangerous, arbitrary management of greenery is wrong”. Mayor Kaklamanis presented facts on greenery in Athens, debunking myths on the amount of green space within the boundaries of the City of Athens. According to systematically-documented statistical evidence announced by the Mayor, the rate of public green space per capita in the City of Athens is 6.84 square metres. Mayor Kaklamanis provided specific details on each City District and committed to increasing this figure to 7.25 square metres per capita, in line with international averages, for the entire municipality and each City District separately. The three initiatives for the management of greenery in Athens comprise: A Greenery Bank, in which all green spaces (local and supra-local) will be documented using scientific methods. The establishment of a Greenery Planning Service which will be responsible for the creation and development of both green urban spaces and larger supra-local green areas. The establishment of a Greenery Creation Service, through which scientists will monitor existing greenery and recommend species that should be planted in the city.