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Digital Greece

Three programmes addressed to pupils and students are being sponsored by the ministries of the economy and education within the framework of the “Digital Greece” initiative. 
Economy and Finance Minister George Alogoskoufis and Education Minister Evripidis Stylianidis presented the “Un-Blog” programme yesterday, addressed to primary and secondary education schoolchildren. The project promotes new media and blogs. Applications must be submitted between February 11 and May 16. (Information: www.kseblogare.gr, in Greek).  A second initiative, the “Portable personal computers (PCs) for all schoolchildren” programme, promotes the use of PCs in the education process as tools in the hands of students. According to Alogoskoufis, this is a very crucial initiative for education while the selection and supply of portable PCs will be done through an international tender. The third project is for university freshmen admitted to higher education institutions with honours: they will benefit from the “Go digital” programme, in which €12.5 million has been invested. For the first time this year, recipients will include students who suffer from serious disabilities. They will receive subsidies of up to €1,000 for specialized equipment. 

As for the recent agreement between the Greek government and Microsoft regarding the creation of the Innovation Centre, Alogoskoufis termed it as a framework agreement, adding that the goal is to put Greece on the digital map as part of the information society

Ministry of Economy and Finance: Fact Sheet on “Digital Greece”