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New editions related to Greece

» On Poet Constantine P. Cavafy

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) The life and work of the eminent Greek poet Constantine P. Cavafy has a prominent place in the research of many renowned scientists, among whom, Professor Miguel Castillo Didier, from the University of Chile. In tribute to the poet’s work and life, the Chilean Neohellenist Castillo Didier presented on January 28, his latest book “Alexandria and Cavafy” at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina with the support of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture (HFC).Secretariat General of Information: About Greece- Literature

» On Navigator De Fuca

The straits which separate the State of Washington from Vancouver Island bear the name of the Greek navigator Juan de Fuca (Ioannis Phocas 1532-1602), the life story of whom covers the pages of a new book by Evrydiki-Leivada Douka, “In the Straits of Chimera”. For 40 years, the Cephalonian mariner from the Ionian Sea had served under the Spanish flag, without however being satisfyingly rewarded for discovering a passage that connected the South Seas with the North-western shores of America. On his return to his birth land, he was promised another voyage to the Straits under English flag, one that he never concluded, due to his death.

» On Cultural Tourism

‘European Tourism and Culture: History and National Perspectives’ is a reader on cultural tourism (in Greek and English) edited by Margarita Dritsa, Professor of European Economic and Social History, School of Humanities, at the Hellenic Open University. It is the first book of this kind appearing in the Greek market filling a considerable gap in tourism historiography. In her long and well argued introduction Professor Dritsa focuses on the cultural dimension of Greek tourist policies and expresses her guarded optimism about recognizing culture as a significant resource for upgrading the Greek tourist product nowadays.The book is published by Livanis Publishing Organisation.(2007)