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Mediterranean Concerns

» A Mediterranean Union?

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) Deputy Foreign Minister Yannis Valinakis chaired a meeting convened yesterday at the Foreign Ministry and reffered to a recent French proposal for a Mediterranean Union, stating that “our interest in every shape or form of substantial cooperation that is developing in our region is asserted and it is in this positive spirit that we are approaching the French government’s proposal on forming a Mediterranean Union.” The minister added that “Greece must be present with specific, well-prepared proposals on sectors that are of interest to us, and where there might be a business interest such as transport, shipping, tourism, energy, immigration and culture.”

This meeting will be followed in the coming period by a conference organised by the Foreign Ministry aimed at an exchange of views and information between representatives from institutions of the public and private sector, businesses, and NGOs active in the Mediterranean region.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Statements of Deputy Foreign Minister Mr. Yannis Valinakis; Greek Mediterranean Policy