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Greek position on Kosovo

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis stated in Brussels on Monday that the aim, regarding Kosovo, is the “safeguarding of stability and security in the region”, and commenting on Athens’ position she said that “Greece will make its decisions at a later stage.” Speaking to reporters at the end of a European Union General Affairs and External Relations meeting, Bakoyannis said that the ’27’ agreed, after difficult consultations, on a text of “common positions” regarding the Kosovo issue. She added that “Greece always believed and continues to believe that the best solutions to differences and problems drive from mutually acceptable arrangements, through dialogue and consultations, and not by unilateral actions and faits accomplis.”

Kossovo’s unilateral declaration of idependence on Sunday, Bakoyannis said, “undoubtedly create a new reality in the particularly sensitive region of Western Balkans and what counts first is the stability and security of the region.” Bakoyannis also underlined that what is also “extremely important is the security and the respect of Serbs and of other ethnic minorities living in Kosovo.” The EU, she added, calls on all sides which are directly implicated “to abstain from actions that could fuel dangerous tensions.” She also termed as “indispensable” the active presence of the EU and its cooperation with the NATO force of KFOR in Kosovo, saying that they constituted a “guarantee of security.” Regarding Greece’s participation in the EU’s mission in Kosovo, Bakoyannis said that Greece, as the oldest EU and NATO member in Southeastern Europe, “must have its own contribution to this collective effort.”

Regarding recognition of Kosovo’s independence, the Bakoyannis said that Greece “will take any of its decisions at a later stage, after examining all developments in depth , dimensions and their repercussions on regional security and Greece’s interests.” She concluded by saying that Greece would continue cooperating closely with its European partners and its neighbouring countries, taking into consideration “the particular role that Serbia has for the preservation of regional balance and stability.” 

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