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» Poetry

“Affirmation: Selected Poems 1986-2006” is a compilation of poems by Haris Vlavianos, recently circulated by Ireland’s biggest publisher Dedalus, in English. His latest collection was translated by Professor Mina Karavada (University of Athens) and is forwarded by Michael Longley, a Belfast-born, forceful figure in contemporary poetry. Born in Rome in 1957 but raised in Athens, Vlavianos took up the work of author, poet, editor, and translator of the Greek literary journal “Poetry,” and the website Poetry International. Vlavianos’ first acquaintance with the English-speaking public was in 1996 with “Adieu” and ever since, the writer has been published in many other languages.

» Politics

An article by Theodore C. Kariotis appearing in Mediterranean Quarterly (Volume 18:3) treats the issue of Greece’s Economic Zone in the Aegean Sea. (“A Greek Exclusive Economic Zone in the Aegean Sea“).The author argues in favour of a delimitation of the Economic Zone between Greece and Turkey in the Aegean Sea but regrets the fact that Greek governments have never brought it to the table of the bilateral discussions. 


Mediterranean Quarterly  is a journal of global issues based in Washington D.C. The Editor is professor Nikolaos A. Stavrou and in the journal’s issues, one may find articles by PASOK leader George A. Papandreou (2001), Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis (2001) & (2006), former Speaker of the Parliament Apostolos Kaklamanis (2003), former Foreign Minister Petros Molyviatis (2005), Minister George V. Voulgarakis (2005) and Greek Ambassador to the U.S. Alexandros P. Mallias (2008).