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New Acropolis Museum: Video about the Construction and the Transport of the Exhibits

(ORGANISATION FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE NEW ACROPOLIS MUSEUM) This short video provides you with the opportunity to view the later stages of construction of the New Acropolis Museum through to its completion. Both the preparation and transport of a block of the Parthenon frieze is covered including the momentous occasion of its transport and arrival from the old to the new Museum: http://www.newacropolismuseum.gr/webnews/newslist.asp?offset=0&nid=44&lid=2  .  The childrens’s Book “The Museum and the Excavation: Now for young and old“: http://www.newacropolismuseum.gr/eng/ch_book_eng.pdf

The French daily “Le Figaro” published a special report on the New Acropolis Museum on January 29. Special guest was Dimitrios Pantermalis, the Museum’s Director who presented the New Museum, its architecture, as well as its strategy for the restitution of the Elgin Marbles. The Cambridge Union Society, famous for its controversial debates is organising a debate on “This House would return the Parthenon Marbles to the New Acropolis Museum in Athens” on February 18, sponsored by Stelios Hatziioannou, of the easyCruise. [Restitution of the Elgin Marbles Campaigns: www.parthenoninternational.org ; www.elginism.com ]
You can read recent critiques of the building of the New Acropolis Museum by Nicholas Ourossef of the New York Times and by Art and Architecture Critic Richard Lacayo of The Times Magazine
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The Cambridge Union Society about the Parthenon Marbles: http://www.cambridge-union.org/index.php?page=ZXZlbnQ=&eventid=370