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New Park and Football Stadium in Athens

(CITY OF ATHENS)  Athens Mayor Nikitas Kaklamanis and Panathinaikos Football Club representative Yiannis Vardinoyiannis today signed an amended agreement for the construction of sports facilities at Votanikos, as approved by Athens City Council  Following the signing of the agreement, the following statements were made:      Mayor Kaklamanis: On behalf of the entire City Council, both those who voted for and against this specific agreement, I would like to thank all those individuals who contributed to today’s outcome, those who preceded me, the competent Ministers and my associates.   Today is a very important day for Athens because the amended agreement will expedite construction – to the benefit of both parties – of sports facilities for Panathinaikos Sports Club’s Professional and Amateur Divisions.   For Athens, this means that a vast green lung will be created within the city’s urban fabric, in the area of Ambelokipi.   At the same time, together with the football stadium, extensive regeneration works will take place in Votanikos that will completely change this severely degraded, centrally located area to the benefit of local residents but also Athens as a whole.   We hope that this project proceeds as quickly as possible, our good cooperation continues without any major problems, the city soon acquires the stadium its team deserves and Athens sees the most extensive regeneration project in its modern history, in Votanikos and in the vicinity of Alexandras Avenue. We wish you the best Mr Vardinoyiannis.   Mr Vardinoyiannis: Firstly I would like to thank the Mayor and his staff who managed to finalise this very difficult project. This marks the start of the completion of the Panathinaikos stadium.   We truly value our excellent cooperation with the City of Athens, which has shown great understanding. I would like to emphasise this fact as it is rare in these times to enjoy good cooperation with state agencies.  I look forward to similar support from other state bodies involved in the construction of the stadium.   We consider the twin regeneration to be very important for the city of Athens. We are Athens’ team and it is very important for Athens’ team to have its own stadium. Beyond the fact that today we are acquiring a stadium, and this is a historic day because the countdown can now begin, the site of our original stadium will be redeveloped, which is of great consequence. We will finally have a modern stadium, a true jewel.   It will be Greece’s best field and one of the best in Europe. It belongs to the team’s fans who will enjoy watching their favourite team play on Sundays and during competition.