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European Council in Brussels, March 13 / 14th 2008

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  The spring European Council concluded its proceedings in Brussels, Friday 14th, where Greece was represented by Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis, Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis, Minister of Economy and Finance George Alogoskoufis, Minister of State and Government Spokesman Theodoros Roussopoulos, and Deputy Foreign Minister Yannis Valinakis.

European leaders agreed to launch the second three-year cycle of the Lisbon Strategy on Growth and Jobs, reached agreement on a set of measures on climate and energy, as well as on measures to ensure greater stability of financial markets. The 27 leaders also approved the  Mediterranean Union plan promoted by France with a view to upgrading the existing Barcelona Process.

Karamanlis, speaking during a press conference in Brussels, stressed that Greece’s economy has already reaped significant benefits from the reforms adopted under the Lisbon Strategy, preserving high growth rates while reducing public deficit and unemployment. On combating climate change, Karamanlis stressed the need to promote renewable energy sources and cut down carbon emissions and said that achieving an international agreement on protecting the climate was of primary importance.

The premier emphasised that Greece has from early on aimed to enrich Sarkozy’s proposal for a Union for the Mediterranean with its own ideas, in order to contribute to its formulation, adding that this prospect would reinforce the already existing structures of Euro Mediterranean cooperation.

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