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New Round on Name Issue of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)    A new reiterated in Brussels round of UN-sponsored talks between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) on the latter’s “name issue” begins in Vienna today. Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis has has Greece’s position regarding the issue saying that a composite name for the land-locked republic containing a geographic marker could put an end to a nagging problem that has had a negative impact on regional stability and cooperation.

A brief review of the long history of the Macedonian area, compiled by Kathimerini daily with the help of historian Evangelos Kofos, a former ambassador with expertise on Balkan affairs, shows how the “Macedonian issue” arose. More detailed analysis is available at the www.macedonian-heritage.gr website.

Kathimerini daily: Nine answers to the “Macedonian”question (17.3.2007); FYROM and the name dispute (26.9.2007)

Macedonian Heritage: Greece’s Macedonian Adventure: The Controversy over FYROM’s Independence and Recognition; Athens-Skopje An Uneasy Symbiosis (1995-2002); Greek Opinion on Balkan Developments; Frequently Asked Questions