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The Greek Culture Agenda

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA )    – Gaia Festival is an independent world music festival, held in Thessaloniki. Since 1998, it has presented artists such as Nina Simon, Cesaria Evora, Savvina Giannatou, Massive Attack, Gotan Project and many others. This year, the festival presents “Οjos De Brujo Soundsystem” from Spain, “Caravan Palace” from France, “La Shica” from Spain, “Balkan Beat Box” from Israel, “Ζiveli Orkestar” from France and “17 Hippies” from Germany. Till April 12.
– A special tribute to the Swedish director Ingmar Bergman (in Greek) will be held at Danaos Cinema from March 20-26. The event is co-organised by the Athens International Film Festival, the Embassy of Sweden and the Cinema magazine

GoCulture: Tribute to Ingmar Bergman in Athens

– In celebrating the International Poetry Day, on March 21, the National Book Center (EKEBI) holds a concert dedicated to the most important modern Greek political poems set to music by the greatest Greek composers. Maria Farantouri and Zaharias Karounis interpret the melodies. On March 20 at the Athens Concert Hall

– The world famous Gypsy violinist Roby Lakatos gives a live performance at Thessaloniki’s Concert Hall with his ensemble, on March 22.

YouTube: Roby Lakatos Romance

– The Hellenic Foundation for Culture organises festivities in Odessa (March 23 – 25) on the occasion of the Greek Independence Day. This year’s central event is the concert by “En Chordais” about “Musical traditions of Mediterranean.”