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Greco-Australian Connections

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) In an article published at Australia’s Herald Sun, (15.4.2008), Peter Ewer reports on a special feature that keeps the peoples of Melbourne and Greece connected. “They seem to have almost merged in some ways. The cafes and lounges around Lonsdale street have the feel of Athens. But before the wave of immigration made Melbourne one of the world’s biggest ‘Greek’ cities, the two nations had forged a brotherhood in blood. It came from April 1941, with the brave but ill-fated efforts of a poorly organised British-Anzac force to defend Greece from Nazi invasion.” According to the reporter, the Greek community honoured on Saturday “the contribution of the Hellenes to the Australian war effort in the 20th century,” in the Melbourne Town Hall, while ten young Victorians will soon visit Greece as winners of the Premier’s Spirit of Anzac prize