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Greece: Energy Matters

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)    Development Minister Christos Folias in an interview with Reuters April 16 said, that Greece has agreed to join Russian-backed South Stream gas pipeline which will take Siberian gas to southern Europe through Greece. The pipeline is a joint project by Gazprom and Italian ENI. Serbia, Bulgaria and Hungary recently joint the South Stream project. Countering views seen this project as a competitor to the long-stalled Nabucco pipeline, the Minister said: “I don’t want to see them as athletes competing against each other. I would say they are complementing each other and are offering Europe multiple energy providers, which is good.”  

Referring to the Burgas-Alexandroupolis oil pipeline project bringing Russian oil to the Greek Aegean port from the Bulgarian Black Sea one,  Folias said that the company has been set up, “it is operating and the project does not need governments any more.”

Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis is expected to visit Moscow by the end of this month after an invitation of President Vladimir Putin. It will be his second visit to Russia over the past four months.

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