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Public Diplomacy in Greece

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  Former U.S. Foreign Service officer for twenty years, John Brady Kiesling presented his book “Diplomacy Lessons: Realism for an Unloved Superpower,” during a presentation organised by the International Communication Policy Forum (ICP-Forum-in Greek) at the Press Centre of the Secretariat General of Communication – Secretariat General of Information, on April 18. John Brady Kiesling resigned publicly in February 2003 to protest the damage done to U.S. interests and alliances by Bush Administration foreign policy, particularly the war with Iraq. The ICP-Forum was established in 2007 upon initiative by the Hellenic Union of Press Attaches (ENAT), in order to enhance the dialogue regarding matters such as public diplomacy and Greece’s image abroad.  ICP-Forum: Public Diplomacy-United States of America