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The Greek – American Dream

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  Alexander Kitroeff, Associate Professor in History, Haverford College, Philadelfia, researcher of the history of Greek Americans and contributor to the www.greekworks.com website, talks to Kathimerini daily about “what native-born Greeks have in common with the descendants of those who migrated” (March 6, Both descendants of dishwashers and heirs to a classical heritage).  

Kitroeff recently contributed to Maria Iliou’s documentary “The Journey – The American Dream,”about Greeks in pursuit of the American dream. The documentary offers an overview of the Greek immigrant experience in the United States accessible to a broader audience but also academically rigorous.

The Journey – The American Dream: Available on DVD; Kathimerini daily: “A poignant road to a new world, Maria Iliou’s documentary“; Athens News: A journey to the Promised Land

Alexander Kitroeff publications: The Greeks in Egypt, 1919-1937; Wrestling with the Ancients: Modern Greek Identity and the Olympics