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Greece: Book Presentations

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Denis Guedj :    Professor of History of Science at Paris VIII University Denis Guedj is known as a successful novelist of many books inspired by the ‘art’ of mathematics. His best seller “The Parrot’s Theorem” was translated in 20 languages and paved the way for the ‘mathematical fiction’ trend. His work enticed many others to follow his example in an equally original way. Greek writer Apostolos Doxiadis is one of the novelists who experimented on the narrative possibilities offered by mathematics. The Greek audience has the chance to meet Guedj who is in Athens for two lectures, one delivered yesterday at the Athens Concert Hall on ‘Science and Literature’ and another one at the French Institute of Thessaloniki today.   

Other novels by D. Guedj: Numbers-The Universal Language & The Measure of the World; Greek News Agenda: Arts and Mathematics  

Michael Longley

A forceful figure in contemporary poetry, Belfast-born Michael Longley visited Athens for the presentation of his bilingual book “Homer’s Octopus and Other Poems,” translated by Haris Vlavianos. The publication constitutes a collection of poems that are strongly influenced by the work of Homer. Longley writes about Ireland’s turbulent contemporary history and the relation of the poet with his parents using Homer as the backbone of his poems. “I ‘rediscovered’ Homer at an advanced age when I was mourning my parents’ death” says 69 year-old poet, who cried “Homer thank you” during his press conference. Longley admits cherishing the lessons that one can gain studying ancient Greek literature and feels disappointed for the abolishment of several Classics Departments in universities across Europe. Among Greek contemporary poets Longley distinguishes Cavafy, Seferis and Ritsos.

Irish Literary Collections Portal: Michael Longley Papers 1960-2000