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Greece: The Baltic Connection

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)    Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis is to have talks today with the Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet, in order to strengthen bilateral relations and cooperation in fields of common interest. In a statement Paet said “Estonian and Greek relations are good and continue to develop steadily. Our economic relations are modest but there are good prospects for improvement in the fields of maritime transport and transit, port construction and shipbuilding, high technology, science, wood products and agriculture. Estonia is also interested in co-operation in the tourism industry. Greece is becoming among Estonians a rapidly growing tourism destination and we would like to welcome Greek tourists to Estonia as well. Concerning our partnership within the European Union, I would say that we support each other when it is needed. We have common interests and we share same values. The European perspective of Western Balkans is crucially important for the Balkan region as well as for the stability of Europe as a whole. This is the area where Greece and Estonia can cooperate more closely.”   

Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Bilateral Relations-Estonia and Greece; Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Greek-Estonian Bilateral Relations