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In Search of the Golden Fleece

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  The Hellenic Parliament and the Municipality of Volos (www.volos-city.gr) are hosting a two-day international conference, beginning today in the city of Volos, on mythological hero Jason and his Argonauts. Renowned academics from both Greece and Georgia are participating in the conference, which is under the auspices of the Greek government and the Georgian diplomatic service. A series of related cultural events are taking place, which will culminate with the sailing of a replica of Argo, the ship with which Jason and his companions set sail from Iolkos (Volos) for their quest for the Golden Fleece in Cochis (city of Poti, on Georgia’s Black Sea coast). Ancient Greece Online: Greek Mythology-Jason; Volos Municipal Enterprise for rban Studies: Argonauts Museum