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Focus on Mediterranean diet

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Adopting just two aspects of the Mediterranean diet can cut the risk of developing cancer by 12% – research published in the British Journal of Cancer (7.2.2008) reveals. Lead author Dr Dimitrios Trichopoulos, professor of cancer prevention and epidemiology at Harvard University, said: “Our results show just how important diet is in cancer risk. Of the 26,000 people we studied, those who closely followed a traditional Mediterranean diet were overall less likely to develop cancer.” Consuming more good fats – like those found in olive oil – than bad fats – like those found in chips, biscuits and cakes – had the greatest effect, reducing cancer risk by 9%. These findings help show how making a few simple changes to our diet over time can reduce the risk of cancer. British Journal of Cancer: Conformity to traditional Mediterranean diet and cancer incidence: the Greek EPIC cohort