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(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)                Olive Oil
Nothing is more characteristic of Greece than the millions of olive trees that grow in valleys and mountainous areas. Olive oil is more than one of the leading agricultural products of Greece. It is a cultural heritage, reflecting thousands of years of history and tradition. Greece is in the major league of olive oil producers, and ranks second highest in the world. It produces more than 430,000 tons of olive oil annually and more than 80% of that is top quality extra virgin olive oil and organic olive oil, which is a much higher percentage than in other Mediterranean olive-oil-producing countries. Traders, consumers and chefs worldwide can benefit from the added value of the Greek high quality olive oil. Most organic olive oil produced in Greece is exported.The global olive oil industry is well aware of the superior quality of Greek olive oil. The increase in Greek exports reflects, to a certain extent, the recent shift towards healthier nutrition, worldwide. 

Extra virgin olive oil and organic olive in Greece: A list of Companies; The Association of Greek Standardized Olive Oil Industries: www.sevitel.gr;  Association of Cretan olive Municipalities: www.sedik.gr; Greek Mediterranean Cuisine: www.kerasma.com, www.gourmed.gr, www.epikouria.com

Museums with a Greek Flavour

Olive and olive-oil have undoubtedly contributed to the shaping of Mediterranean cultures and offer an opportunity for networking and cooperation among Mediterranean peoples. In recognition of this fact, the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation launched a network of the Museums of the Olive in the Mediterranean, which has gone online under EU sponsorship. Two of the networks museums are the Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil in Sparta and the Museum of Industrial Olive-Oil Production on Lesvos.