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Rare Sea Fauna in Greece

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Pelagos Cetacean Research Institute is a scientific non-profit organisation whose goal is the study and conservation of cetaceans (whales, dolphins, porpoises etc). Greek seas exhibit a remarkable diversity in cetacean fauna. The ecological importance of these creatures for society renders their conservation of immediate importance.  In South-Western Crete, the presence of sperm whales is related to the very steep underwater cliffs that exist near the coastline. At these depths, deep-living squids on which sperm whales feed, are abundant. Research has shown that Southern Crete is the only known area in the world where social groups (i.e. females and their offspring) and solitary males co-exist all year round. The most plausible explanation for this unique phenomenon is that living conditions in this area are ideal for sperm whales.