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Greece at the International Animated Film Festival in Belgrade

Greek Animation and Animators, creators from the wider audiovisual sector will be honored in Belgrade, by the Balkanima, International Animated Film Festival, that will take place in Belgrade from 7th to 11th of October 2008. For the benefit of the festival and the best possible presentation of our country in Serbia, the Hellenic Audiovisual Institute, the European Animation Centre and the Athens School of Fine Arts, have been united in one team and selected a series of various artistic activities in the context of the Serbian capital is Festival, that are targeting to reveal the Greek contemporary Visual Arts, through animation art, painting, sculpture, graffiti, video art, photography and music. Through this creative framework of all the above forms of art, Greek artists will present their propositions and will attempt artistic interventions in the city, with collaboration from their Serbian associates.

These actions will embody:

· SCREENINGS of Selected Greek Animated Films, from the whole Greek production apparition

· ANIMATED GREECE: WATCH NOW! The Exhibition includes backgrounds, characters, storyboards, objects etc. that present the starting phase of animated films and artworks that attempt to approach the meaning of animation, as well as developing the possibilities of the digital media, the artworks that remain loyal to the formed dialogue of the contemporary Fine Arts, giving us the possibility to be informed on what is going on in the field, and should also be mentioned to reconsider our links to it, and our work.

· GRAFFITI JAM SESSION Artistic interventions that diverge from the limits of framing, filming or screening and are expanded on public walls. Greek and Serbian artists will attempt –as a team- to leave their “signature” within the city of Belgrade.

· ANIMATION WORKSHOPS Animation workshops will take place by Greek and Serbian Artists, in schools, orphanages and other youth institutions. Through simple and understandable procedures of animation, the artists, together with children, are going to create short animation movies.

· CONFERENCES/LECTURES The Greek team will participate in discussions concerning education, and professional practice within the field of audiovisual creation on the two countries.

· MASTER CLASS Vakalis Nassos, animator, that works in Dreamworks studios in California, will present the structure of production and the studio’s processes and will reveal some secrets of his art.

· HONOR The Hellenic Audiovisual Institute and the European Animation Center, are inaugurating a new award from this year on, an Honor for the best New Artist, coming from the countries of the Balkan region. The winner will be invited as quest in ANIMART, a seminar on animation that takes place every summer in Greece.

Greek Animators / Greek Artists

01. Vakalis Nassos

02. Venetopoulos Babis

03. Vogiatzidis Theodoros

04. Diktaki Pinelopi

05. Kontogiorgou Maria

06. Kolaiti Hara

07. Konstantinidi Elene

08. Mitropoulos Andreas

09. Ksenakis Panagiotis

10. Rentzis Thanasis

11. Rappas Panagiotis

12. Salamaliki Angeliki

13. Sifianos Giorgos

14. Spiliopoulos Marios

15. Spiropoulos Giorgos

16. Trimintzios Dimitris