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Greek E-conomic Diplomacy

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)     In an effort to meet the challenges of the digital era, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs  presented yesterday January 13, its two internet portals for both the business community and civil society. Addressing the event, the Minister stressed that promoting economic diplomacy and capitalizing on international funds constitutes a fundamental policy on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, especially at a time when the dire economic situation calls for intensification of the assistance provided to the Greek business community. Accommodating the needs of the Greek business community to access information concerning potential business opportunities with partners abroad, the Ministry inaugurated the “Agora” internet portal, (www.agora.mfa.gr) providing information such as business directories, information on public tenders and procurements, as well as information on business missions and fairs. Moreover, 500 market researches and studies can be accessed through the website in addition to a full business guide to foreign bureaucracy and investment incentives law. Together with the enhancement of economic diplomacy, the Ministry set clear-cut goals to promote international development cooperation. The launch of the international funding portal (www.aidfunding.mfa.gr) aims at increasing NGO’s and Greek businesses’ share in funding by international financial institutions such as the World Bank, Europeaid and the UN network. Browsing through the interactive pages of the portal, one can gain access to integrated support services such as a database for tenders, on-line applications, information on training seminars and practical guides to transacting with international institutions.