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OSCE: Greek Chairmanship Concept Paper

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   OSCE: Greek Chairmanship Concept Paper  The political principles guiding Greek foreign policy coincide fully with the OSCE’s core principles and commitments: full respect for international law and the rules of multilateral diplomacy, seeking the best possible convergence and consensus, reliability and sincerity. Greece is convinced that there cannot be a lasting peace in the wider European region as long as we continue to view our relations through the lens of a zero-sum game. Bearing this in mind, the first priority of the Greek Chairmanship will be to forge consensus among the participating states. Consensus should be considered not as a limitation but as the foundation on which cooperative security is based. Enhanced cooperation with the OSCE Mediterranean and Asian Partners for Co-operation will be among the priorities of the Greek Chairmanship. Greece will strive to further deepen the active involvement of Partners in jointly addressing global security challenges through effective democratic dialogue and practical cooperation. Finally, the Greek CiO will promote and develop the co-operation of the OSCE with other international organizations and institutions, which include in addition to the UN, also the Council of Europe, the EU and NATO, as well as other regional organizations, on a case by-case basis. Greek News Agenda: OSCE Chair: Synergy, Symmetry, Strategy; Greek OSCE Chairmanship’s website: www.osce.org/cio; OSCE: Inauguration of Greek Chairmanship