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Athens: New Metro Stations

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   The Athens Metro is expected to add ten new stations to its network, and construction is progressing at an intensive pace, Environment and Public Works Minister Giorge Souflias announced last week. The first station scheduled to open, in September, is Nomismatokopeio, northeastern Athens. This is to be followed by new stations at Holargos, Haidari, Peristeri and Anthoupoli, due to be operating by the end of the year. By spring of 2010, four more stations will be operational: Ilioupoli, Argyroupoli, Alimos and Hellenikon, and finally Agia Paraskevi by summer of 2010. Beginning on February 14, the section between Ethniki Amyna and Athens International Airport will be out of service. There will be a special bus service connecting the stations, as well as a suburban railway route, in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Athens Plus (January 30): Metro link to airport to cease on February 14  ( p.7)