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A “Mouving Museum” in Greece

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  The National Museum of Contemporary Art recently inaugurated the programme “In & Out” which includes presentations of new works by Greek and international artists in the project room of the Athens Conservatory and in public spaces in the city. In the framework of this new exhibition programme, George Hadjimichalis, one of the most important representatives of contemporary art in Greece presented his new work-a video-, titled “The Famine in Athens in the winter of 1941-1942.” Hadjimichalis’ video includes photographic and videotaped archival material and is presented from a television placed inside a container from the window of which passers by will be able to watch. The work tours and stops in eight different sites of Athens, functioning as a “moving museum.”  The artist’s aim is to stimulate the memories of that cruel period, bringing the people of Athens in contact with the recent history of the city. More information: Foundation of the Hellenic World – Famine