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Which Europe do We Want – Citizens Have Their Say

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  The Office of the European Parliament in Athens in cooperation with the Citizens’ Movement “Kapodistrias-Spinelli-Europe” organisation  debated on the topic “European Elections 2009: Which Europe do we want. Citizens have their say,” on February 20, and addressed by deputies of the European Parliament. The 2009 parliamentary elections as well as a historic overview of Altiero Spinelli’s contribution to the European Union’s creation was the focus of discussion.  Although centuries apart, Spinelli and Kapodistrias appear to have shared common visions. The towering figure of Count Ioannis Capodistrias (1776-1831) who laid the foundations of the modern Greek state, inspired democratic and constitutional ideals across Europe. He participated in shaping the constitution of the Swiss Confederation during the 19th century as well as the Congress of Vienna in 1814 which determined the fate of the European states in the era of restoration. Altiero Spinelli (1907-1986) was a strong advocate of European federalism with a highly esteemed European activity which culminated on 14 February 1984, when the European Parliament adopted his report and approved the Draft Treaty Establishing the European Union. See also: Kapodistrias-Spinelli-Europe