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Former Polish PM addresses Constantine Karamanlis Democracy Institute event

poland-buzek2(ATHENS NEWS AGENCY (ANA), 19.3.2009) Former Polish prime minister and current Eurodeputy Jerzy Buzek, addressing an event organised in Athens on Wednesday by the Constantine Karamanlis Institute of Democracy and the group of Eurodeputies of the European People’s Party-European Democrats, focused on the issue of “European Accord: Energy and Security-Vision for a common future.”
   Buzek said that one speaks in the European Union now of a common European energy policy, stressing that in order for this to be achieved political will is necessary by the governments of the member-states.
   He added that the EU has mainly two problems to overcome. The demographic and energy ones and pointed out that a change in energy policy is an issue of strategic importance. He also said that environmental changes necessitate new measures in the countries of Europe that must turn to the development of renewable energy sources.