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Sound of Long-lost Ancient Greek Instruments Recreated by Computer Experts

(World Media on Greece, The Times, 09.03.09) A network of computers called the Grid is used to resurrect the musical sounds of Ancient Greece. The researchers first worked on re-creating a monochord, an instrument played by Pythagoras. Its successful remodelling led to the resurrection of  the sound of the epigonion as part of a project to conjure up an orchestra of long-lost instruments. The ultimate aim is a concert played on instruments that have not been heard for more than 2,000 years. Next on their list are the salpinx and the kithara. The revival of the sound of ancient instruments is done through data collected by archaeologists, engineers and historians, who help to describe the materials and shape of the ancient instruments. This is all translated into a computer program that is run on hundreds of computers in Europe that make up the Grid. The process takes four hours to produce just 30 seconds of music. Read more…