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Culture and Customs of Greece in a Book

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Artemis Leontis, Culture and Customs of Greece, Greenwood Press April, 2009. The Parthenon, Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle, and Homer’s epic poems. All of these images bring to mind traditional pictures of Greece, the cradle of Western Civilisation. But what do we know of modern Greece? The answer to that question and more can be found in this comprehensive look at contemporary Greek culture. This reference source is packed with illustrative descriptions of daily life in Greece in the 21st century. Ideal for high school students and even undergraduates interested in studying abroad, this extensive volume examines topics such as social customs, language, performing arts, modern art and architecture, among many other topics. Woven into the text are beautiful and accurate vignettes of Greek life, helping to illustrate how people live. “Culture and Customs of Greece” is a must-have volume for all high school and public library shelves. Artemis Leontis is Associate Professor of Modern Greek and Coordinator of the Modern Greek Program, at the University of Michigan, USA.