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Greece: Foreign Affaires

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Greece’s foreign policy is one of self-confidence and open horizons, Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis said on Monday (25.5.2009) while addressing the 13th Economist Roundtable with the Greek Government conference in Athens. “We have an opportunity in the framework of re-ordering the international environment to replace outdated policies and views. But in order to exercise such a policy one needs political courage and political will by all governments. We call friends, partners and allies to act in this direction,” she said, during a round-table discussion on “Transatlantic ties, EU, US, Russia and stabilisation in the Balkans.”  The minister repeated Greece’s positions regarding the Euro-Atlantic prospects of Balkan countries, saying that Athens was a steadfast supporter of her neighbours’ accession course and backed them with specific steps, “such as the liberalisation of visa requirements for the EU.”