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The smoking ban in Greece takes effect today

No smoking(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  The smoking ban in Greece takes effect today, and cafes and restaurants are preparing for the introduction of EU-dictated smoking restrictions. According to the relevant decision, premises smaller than 70 square metres will henceforth be either exclusively smoking or non-smoking. Those which allow smoking must have their operating licenses revised, have adequate air-conditioning units installed and display a special sticker determining their status. Larger establishments must restrict smoking to a separate section of their premises, exceeding not more than 30% of the surface area. Live music venues must separate smokers from nonsmoking patrons with the use of a 2-metre glass wall, while minors will be denied access to all smoking areas. As for offices, businesses employing fewer than 50 workers must ban smoking on their premises. Companies employing more than 50 people will have the right to provide smoking rooms. Europa: Green Paper on promoting smoke-free areas in the European Union; Secretariat General of Information: About Brand Greece – Health Services in Greece