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Jewels in the Greek Crown: Folegandros

folegandros1(1)(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  Folegandros is a welcoming small island in the Aegean that has led to the creation of its own fan club, as visitors keep coming, year after year, to meet friends from all over the world. They report that they remain spellbound by its beauty and by the hospitality of its inhabitants who seem to consider visitors as honorary guests in a family reunion. Every summer, at the beginning of July, the Municipality of Folegandros organises in association with the non-profit organisation Media dell’ Arte the “”Folegandros Festivities.” The Media dell’ Arte consists of artists and academics who have put together a cultural project called “Isolario” which aims at keeping the small Cycladic islands’ cultural heritage alive through various cultural activities which take place every year on the islands of Folegandros, Sikinos, Donousa, Amorgos and Kimolos.