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FM of Greece: “No Compliance a la Carte”

Bacoyannis(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis informed her counterparts during an EU General Affairs and External Relations Council (GAERC) yesterday (July 27) on Turkey’s provocative policy of questioning Greek sovereign rights in recent weeks.  “This policy is unacceptable,” Bakoyannis said at a press-conference at the end of the meeting, noting that EU governments should have a clear picture of the situation in view of the EU Commission’s assessment report on  Turkey’s accession course, due to be publicised in December.  “Until now, Turkey has not respected her commitments,” Bakoyannis noted, underlying that EU accession negotiations were founded on principles that clearly define the obligation of respecting good neighbourly relations and the peaceful resolution of differences. “Compliance a la carte and selective implementation of what has been agreed upon cannot be accepted,” the minister said.  Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Bilateral Relations Greece – Turkey & Enlargement [Photo from previous statement]