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The Gold of Greek Earth

crocus(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  Crocus (krokos) Kozanis or saffron or zafora – the gold of Greek earth as it is called- is one of the most popular and precious spices in the world. The Agricultural Cooperative of Crocus Growers in the prefecture of Kozani, Northern Greece produces the best quality of crocus worldwide. Founded in 1971 and located in the Krokos Village, the cooperative has the exclusive right to produce, process and circulate this unique product in the domestic market and export it abroad. Crocus attracts its origin from mythology, while etymologically the word derives from the Greek word “croci” which means weft. Known for its therapeutic and aphrodisiac properties since ancient times, crocus is used today mainly in cooking and confectionary, and as pigment in products such as pasta and butter. See also: www.saffron.gr & Kozani Saffron Producers Cooperative