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The New Acropolis Museum at the World Media

The Acropolis Museum OppeningThe Acropolis Museum, designed by architect Bernard Tchumi with Michael Photiadis and their associates, has been constructed to exhibit the unique finds and architectural sculptures of the Acropolis of Athens.  Its official inauguration took place on June 20, 2009 and was attended by Heads of States and Governments, Ministers and other officials from around the world. The Secretariat General of Communication – Secretariat General of Information operated the Press Center for the official inauguration from June 17 through June 20 and facilitated more than 400 journalists and photographers, representing95 Greek and 167 foreign Media.  The Acropolis Museum has a total area of 25,000 square meters, with exhibition space of over 14,000 square meters, ten times more than that of the old museum on the Hill of the Acropolis offering all the amenities expected in an international museum of the 21st century. The admission price for the museum has been set at one euro throughout 2009, while from 2010 the admission price will rise to 5 euros.  According to Culture Minister Antonis Samaras, the new Acropolis Museum received 90,000 visitors in the first seven days since its official inauguration on June 20. The average number of tickets for the e-ticketing section for the first five days reached 11,000, while visits to the museum’s website exceeded 260,000 from the Americas to Nepal and Mongolia.

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