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Architecture in Greece

» From Neoclassicism…

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) The Municipal Gallery in Piraeus features an architectural exhibition. (September 22-24).  Titled “Deus ex machine,” the exhibition presents Piraeus Theatre’s 19th century technologically advanced stage mechanisms. The exhibition forms part of the “Days of European Cultural Heritage 2009” series of events.   The Municipal Theatre in Piraeus, built between 1884 and 1895, is an exemplary monument of 19th century public building architecture in Greece, influenced by the neo-classical style of the French and German traditions.  City of Piraeus: www.pireasnet.gr; Oxford University Press: Neoclassical Architecture in Greece

» …to Modernism

The aesthetic profile of Athens changed considerably, following the architectural contribution of some inspired Greek architects of the inter-war era. A special tribute has to be paid to the so called “Generation of the 30’s.”  Thanks to their architectural designs, Athens started exhibiting a large number of modern buildings, eloquently fitting the style of the contemporary trends of art nouveau, art deco, modern classicism, the radical modern movement etc.   Many of the buildings of the 30’s which Athens boasted ceded their place to uninspired blocks of flats, thus changing the capital’s profile profoundly.

The buildings which were salvaged resist time and poor taste bearing testimony of a past –yet cherished- Athenian style.
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