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500.000 Visitors at the Acropolis Museum

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) According to the Ministry of Culture, the latest numbers show that within the first two months of its operation (June 21-August 26), the new Acropolis Museum has so far attracted more than 500, 000 visitors, 60% of whom were foreigners.  Meanwhile, within the same timeframe, 409,000 users from 180 countries accessed the Museum’s webpage. As of September, the Museum launches its educational programmes destined to both pupils and teachers.  The opening of the Museum as well as its first days of operation, together with background information on the campaign for the restitution of the Parthenon Marbles received extensive coverage by foreign media.

During the opening, 440 reporters representing 167 media from 36 countries visited Athens to cover the event. As a result, from May to September, some 1,000 news items have been produced.  Secretariat General for Information: World Media on Greece – Acropolis & Parthenon Marbles; Greek News Agenda:Special Issue- The Acropolis Museum