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Broadband: Plug Into the Future

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  According to a research on broadband speeds conducted by Oxford University Said Business School and Department of Applied Economics, Oviedo University in Spain, sponsored by Cisco, Greece ranks 29th out of 66 countries investigated.  The analysis examined broadband speeds as well as demands of today’s users, based on applications consumers are likely to use.  The study found that the average global download speed was 4.75Mbps. Average download speed in Greece was measured above 5 Mbps.  According to the Observatory for the Greek Information Society, broadband penetration in Greece amounts to 15.63% (July 2009), while increase in broadband reached 40.73% over last year and 16.5% over last semester (January – July 2009).   Observatory for the Greek Information Society: Measuring the i2010 indicators study;  National Strategic Reference Framework: Operational Programmes 2007-2013- Digital Convergence & Public Administration Reform Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG): Public Sector & Education- European Markets Government of Greece (April 2009)