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100.000 Visitors at the Website of the Press & Communication Office of the Embassy of Greece in Warsaw

OFFICE LOGOThe website, created by the Press and Communication Office of the Greek Embassy in Warsaw, has recently surpassed the 107.000 visitors, with an average of 200 views per day.
Visitors’ preferences regard Greece today. Mostly visited is info about monuments and touristic destinations in Greece. Various other categories of news on politics, economy, culture (archaeology, history, theater, books, cinema, art, photography), mass media etc. attract the attention of visitors.
Interesting appear, also, news about:
  – Events organized by the Press and Communication Office
  – Cultural collaboration with EUNIC (European Union National Institutes for Culture) – Warszawa Cluster  
– Co organization of conferences with IBI AL (Greek section of the Warsaw University) and other Universities in Poland
– Articles promoting Greek Tourism, Culture, Economy and Politics, published in the polish newspapers and magazines
– Links to Greek authorities, cultural institutions, the Acropolis Museum, the Athens News Agency, Greek portals, the Greek White pages,
– Links to the Greek and Polish Media
– Link to the Greek News Agenda
– The weather in Warsaw and in Ahens
– Greek Lessons on line