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PM on Copenhagen Results

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) Addressing a press conference on December 18, Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou stressed that the Copenhagen United Nations climate summit was an historic moment.

 Papandreou noted that he is pleased to have been committed to the ambitious goals set out by the European Union and added that he hoped that these same goals had been met by other developed countries by the end of the summit.

Regarding Greece’s contribution, he said that as a traditional naval force, Greece will undertake the responsibility of contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases by shipping.
Likewise, Greece will not forsake its commitments to forward initiatives in the Mediterranean, supported by the forthcoming Spanish Presidency. Deputy Foreign Minister for climate change issues, Spyros Kouvelis, on his part, underlined that the Greek delegation had been actively involved in all international meetings held at Copenhagen. “[Greece] is beginning to appear as a force that is pushing an agenda for a different model of growth,” he pointed out.