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Corfu: A Greek-Island Classic

(GREK NEWS AGENDA)   Smart or simple? Cultural or clubby? You can have it both ways on this Greek island (Corfu the complete guide, Times Online, May 7, 2008). Crooked Venetian alleyways, architecture as grand and chiselled as those one would find in central Paris, neon-bright bougainvillea and simple villages daubed blinding Greek-island white and blue… there are two ways to squeeze all this into a single trip. Unlike quick-paced mainland Greece, heritage, tradition and family are palpable forces here, which is why young people happily leave the cities’ buzz to return to their hillside villages for religious festivals and a visit to Grandma. After all, you can afford to be magnanimous when you’ve got the best of all worlds.  Secretariat General of Information: World Media on Greece – Travel