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Thessaloniki: New exhibition at the White Tower, the Monument-Symbol

(GRECEHEBDO)  A new permanent exhibition at the White Tower dedicated to the city of Thessaloniki and housed in the monument-symbol of the city, opened its doors to the public on September 9th, 2008. The exhibition, organized by the Museum of Byzantine Culture, presents aspects of the history of Thessaloniki through time, thus providing the visitors with a better insight of the city, its monuments and museums. http://www.mbp.gr/html/en/pirgos.htm   The goal of the exhibition is not to turn the city into a museum, but to introduce it to its visitors and its citizens, creating a new and essential relationship between the people and the city. Through the presentation of features that characterize Thessaloniki through time, such as the city’s urban character, the exhibition focuses on important moments and aspects of the city’s life. The thematic displays of the ground floor, as well as of the six storeys of the White Tower, refer to the geographical position of Thessaloniki at the crossroad of sea and land trading roads, the transformations of its urban development, the important moments of its history -as presented through its monuments-, the city’s spiritual and cultural life, as well as its inhabitants and culinary world. As a result, the visitors shall have the chance to experience an intriguing trip in time from the day of the founding of Thessaloniki to its recent past, accompanied with the sounds, the special atmosphere, the spirit and the tastes of the city.