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A Tribute to Greek Sculptor Zongolopoulos

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   zongolopoulos2-smFour years after his demise, a retrospective on the work of George Zongolopoulos (1903-2004) is being hosted at the Athens Concert Hall. The display features sculptures, drawings as well as sketches for sculptures. A tribute to the sculptor is also displayed at the Athens International Airport until January 31, 2009, where sculptures and photographic material of the artist adorn interior and exterior spaces of the airport. His trademark sculpture, the “Umbrellas,” was first showcased at the Venice Biennale in 1993 and later on at the Council of the European Union in Brussels. In 1997, it was transferred to Thessaloniki which was about to take over as European Capital of Culture. Secretariat General of Information: About Greece-Tracing the Artistic and Cultural Map in Contemporary Greece  Visit the National Sculpture Gallery: National Glyptotheque; National Museum of Contemporary Art: www.emst.gr; The State Museum of Contemporary Art: www.greekstatemuseum.com; Athens Contemporary Art Map: www.athensartmap.net   Continue reading