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Greek Media Takeovers

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Greece’s second-biggest provider of web services Forthnet gained Naspers‘s Greek and Cypriot pay-TV unit NetMed NV, known for its subscriber satellite service Nova, for €490 million. Naspers is a multinational media company located in South Africa, with significant operations in Greece through NetMed. Forthnet S.A., was established in October 1995 by the Foundation for Technology and Research and Minoan Lines S.A. The company was listed on the main market of the Athens Stock Exchange in the year 2000. It was the first company to introduce the Internet in Greece and currently has a large portfolio of Internet services. Through this acquisition, Forthnet will be able to offer high-speed Internet, TV and phone services with nationwide coverage, while it turns into a considerable media company. Bloomberg: Naspers Plans Internet Purchases as Ad Growth Slows; Secretariat General of Information: About Greece, Telecommunications


A Toast to Greek Wine

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)      The 8th Thessaloniki  International Wine Contest that was organised from March 19-21, ended in a very delightful way for the Greek wine industry as many Greek varieties proved true winners in this prestigious event organised by Wine Producers Association of the Northern Greece (www.wineroads.gr), within the context of Oenorama exhibition. Among 791 contesting wine varieties, Greek wines were awarded 9 Grand Gold Medals by globally renowned wine experts and sommeliers. Yesterday, awarded varieties were available at a wine tasting reception at the Grande Bretagne HotelContinue reading

Greek Wines from A to Z

» Oenorama Exbibition

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Wine experts throughout the world are noticing the distinct and unusual grape varieties of Greek wines that set them apart from the somewhat uniform varieties of most wines in the marketplace today. Oenorama Wine Trade Exhibition (www.oenorama.com), Greece’s premier wine, spirits and viti-vinicultural event, is taking place on March 28-30 at the Mediterannean Exhibition Center, Athens. The event mirrors a maturing wine market domestically and the success achieved by quality Greek wines at an international level. In addition, oenorama offers to both exhibitors and visitors the opportunity to meet Greece’s wine professionals and get acquainted with the dynamic Greek wine market. Entrance to the exhibition is free for those who pre-register by today, March 17th. Continue reading

Theo Angelopoulos “Dust of Time” to be Released Before the Cannes Film Festival in May

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  “The Dust of Time,” Theo Angelopoulos’ latest film to be released some time before the Cannes Film Festival in May, is a dark drama about a mother in search of her lost son, featuring Willem Dafoe, Irene Jacob and Michel Piccoli. The story unfolds in the former Soviet Union, the Austrian-Hungarian borders, Italy and New York between 1953 and 1974, from the eve of Stalin’s death to Nixon’s resignation in the United States and the fall of the Greek junta.
Theo Angelopoulos: Filmography; Secretariat General of Information: World Media on Greece – Culture; About Greece, Cinema; Greek News Agenda: Thessaloniki International Film Festival